ZODIAC: A TO Z - The Devil Rides Out: Part 2


In the syndicated tabloid TV show Now It Can Be Told, Geraldo Rivera and Maury Terry claimed the evidence indicated that Zodiac victim Darlene Ferrin was targeted for death by members of a satanic cult. Terry also claimed that satanists were responsible for the 'Son of Sam' shootings in New York and other crimes across America. This theory of a nationwide network of satanic killers has become a popular myth, but the facts reveal the many problems with the conspiracy theories in both the 'Son of Sam' and Zodiac cases.

Written and produced by MICHAEL BUTTERFIELD for ZodiacKillerFacts.com / Copyright 2021

Voice of "The Zodiac" by John Knight

All music licensed and used by permission. “Run and Hide” and “Frozen Orb” composed and produced by Jens Kiilstofte. “Ghost” and “Creepy Piano Loop” composed and produced by JM Scherf. “Growing Shadows” created by Myuu. Provided by Mediacharge.

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