ZODIAC: A TO Z - Ep. #9 - BONUS: Suspicious or Strange


The Zodiac claimed that he left the scene of his last known murder and encountered two police officers who asked if he had seen anyone acting "suspicious or strange." According to the killer's version of events, he replied that he had seen a man running by waving a gun and then directed the officers in search of the phantom gunman. The Zodiac's story is often repeated as fact, yet this account only raised many more troubling questions which cast serious doubt on the killer's claims. Facts, common sense, and logic demonstrate that the Zodiac's story is, at best, suspicious and strange.

Watch a video of the Zodiac's possible escape route: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2L8PSWjvEh4 

Written and produced by Michael Butterfield for ZodiacKillerFacts.com / Copyright 2019

All music licensed and used by permission. “Frozen Orb” composed and produced by Jens Kiilstofte. “Ghost” and “Creepy Piano Loop” composed and produced by JM Scherf.