ZODIAC: A TO Z - Ep. #7 - TRAILER - Riverside: A Warning


The next episode of the ZODIAC: A TO Z podcast features an expanded look at the still-unsolved murder of Cheri Jo Bates and the origins of the so-called "Riverside connection" to the Zodiac. A handwriting expert concluded that writings in the Riverside case, including letters and a poem written on a desk, were the work of the Zodiac. Other experts questioned that conclusion, and the Bates case remains a controversial chapter in the Zodiac story. 

Written and produced by Michael Butterfield for ZodiacKillerFacts.com / Copyright 2019

Voice of "The Zodiac" by John Knight 

All music licensed and used by permission. “Run and Hide” composed and produced by Jens Kiilstofte. “Ghost” composed and produced by JM Scherf.