ZODIAC: A TO Z - Ep. #6 - TRAILER - Riverside: There Will Be More


53 years ago, Cheri Jo Bates was murdered on a college campus in Riverside, California, on October 30, 1966. After the crime, someone sent a typed "Confession" letter and other strange writings were also linked to the case, including a note that read, "Bates had to die. There will be more." Some investigators, researchers, and amateur sleuths believe that Cheri Jo Bates may have been killed by the Zodiac, who later appeared to take credit for the murder in a letter sent to The Los Angeles Times in March 1971. Mike Morford, co-host of the Criminology podcast and owner of ZodiacKillerSite.com, talks about the Bates case, the possible Zodiac connection, suspects, motives, and more in the episode "Riverside: There Will Be More." 

Written and produced by Michael Butterfield for ZodiacKillerFacts.com / Copyright 2019

Voice of "The Zodiac" by John Knight 

All music licensed and used by permission. “Run and Hide” composed and produced by Jens Kiilstofte. “Ghost” composed and produced by JM Scherf.