ZODIAC: A TO Z - More Zodiac Myths: Debunked


This bonus episode examines other persistent myths about the Zodiac case, including claims about the attack at Lake Berryessa and the shooting at Blue Rock Springs Park, and, Robert Graysmith’s claim that he had discovered a “hidden” road which led from the crime scenes directly to the home of his suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen.

Note: This episode includes dramatic readings. Some audio clips were obtained from older recordings with some audio deficiencies but have been presented here for information purposes.

Written and produced by Michael Butterfield for ZodiacKillerFacts.com / Copyright 2021

All music licensed and used by permission. “Frozen Orb” composed and produced by Jens Kiilstofte. “Ghost” and “Creepy Piano Loop” composed and produced by JM Scherf. “Growing Shadows” created by Myuu. Provided by Mediacharge.

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